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Online Advertising is Small Businesses Greatest Opportunity

But Doing It Right Requires Some Effort

By Scott Lester


Online website marketing is the most significant advance in advertising since television. In fact, it’s safe to say there simply is no other medium that offers small and medium businesses a better way to effectively and affordably reach exactly the people who are in the market for their product or service at exactly the time they’re shopping for it. That means your cost of advertising has never been less and your ROI potential has never been greater. But there it is important to do your homework in advance less you waste your investments.

Your Customers are Looking  For You

Sending traffic to your website using pay per click advertising works incredibly well and is extraordinarily efficient.  That’s because when a consumer has a need for a particular product or service, all they have to do is go to Google, Bing, or Yahoo and enter a term describing what they are looking for and up pops the best options according to the search engines.  Online advertising makes shopping for products and services effortless for consumers.  There’s no searching through newspaper ads, or yellow pages or hoping to hear something on the radio or see it on TV.

Consider that in Montana, in just the month of June, 2011 there were 8,697 searches for the term “Plumber” and a whopping 34,410 searches that contained the term “Attorney.” And those are just the numbers for the Google search engine!

Of course, when that consumer is ready to buy and goes looking, you want them to end up on YOUR website, and you want that site to do the best possible job getting you a new customer.

There’s a Goldmine Online

There’s a tremendous advantage here for the small business that is serious about building an effective online presence because an online investment in advertising specifically targets exactly the people who are in the market for that businesses’ product or service. In comparison, even the priciest and most eye-catching newspaper ad is seen mostly by people who are not even in the market for what that advertiser has to offer. The same goes for radio and television ads. Website marketing is the most efficient advertising that money can buy.

In addition, consumers want to get what they need from local businesses. Whether they live in Missoula, Kalispell, Bozeman or some other Montana city, consumers want to find the business that meets their needs in their own town.  Under these circumstances, there is no better marketing tool than Pay-Per-Click advertising. Search engines, such as Google and Bing, will display the sites that advertise on their particular venue, and they will lower the cost to display the websites that do the best job of meeting the visitor’s needs.

Adverting_Share_Diagram As we’ve already seen, typically there are hundreds of searches for every type of business in each of the major cities in Montana every month. Capturing the bulk of those visitors and converting them into customers can provide most businesses an excellent return on investment.  This process is simple math and is easily calculated. The average gross profit per customer, minus the cost of acquiring that customer, equals your return on investment. With a well-designed website and effectively run Pay-Per-Click campaign, that ratio tends to be higher with online marketing than with any other marketing medium. A website may represent an investment in the low thousands of dollars, but, done right, is capable of creating gross profits in the tens of thousands of dollars per year for a Montana small business. This means you have the means to increase your investment for even larger gains (and dominating the capture of the online opportunity), or until you simply can no longer handle the additional business. To learn more click below:


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