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How to use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising to Get New Business

By Scott Lester


Tap Into the Biggest Market in The World


The internet is a huge marketplace for virtually any kind of business or enterprise. There are literally tens of thousands of Google searches for products and services each month in just the state of Montana. That means there are at least hundreds and probably thousands of potential new customers for you to tap into in your local market alone.

You can access this enormous market to grow your business.  But you have to do it right. That means first presenting yourself to the market with a professionally designed website that delivers a compelling and convincing sales message. Second, and equally as important, you want to get that website found. When a potential customer initiates a search for a product or service like yours, you want your website to be among the top sites that pop up. That means showing up on page one, not page 50. What’s more, Pay-Per-Click advertising target consumers at every part of the buying process. That means if they’re just searching for information, or ready to select a vendor, PPC advertising can drive them to your site where you’re available to educate and sell.


How to Make Your Website Number One in Your Business


Don’t waste your investment in your website by not doing anything to make sure it gets found. That’s equivalent to producing an expensive, top quality TV spot, but never putting it on the air to avoid paying broadcast rates. You must drive searches to your site if you want to be among the first sites a consumer finds when they initiate a search. And, just as you must pay to get your TV spot on the air, the sure the way to get your website seen FIRST is to pay for it. Yes there’s organic search and search engine optimization “SEO”, but if you’re not already there, you won’t get a top spot in an online search, or, in a best case, unseat incumbents already occupying a top spot on your online market using SEO alone. Typically new sites show up somewhere between page 5 and 10 on a Google search. PPC advertising is an effective and inexpensive way of getting on the first page out of the gate. And as you can see in the search results…More than 90% of users click on results in the first page.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is the best way to drive traffic to your website at very reasonable rates. (We recommend that small businesses budget $10 to $20 per day.) At that investment level, you should experience plenty of traffic, with each sale representing a substantial net return on your nominal expenditure. For example, for a click costing just a few dollars, you could sell a hotel room at $125 a night or a plumbing job with $850 in gross profit. Alos, if your website is doing its job and the hotel fills up, or if you’re just swamped, you can simply turn down your PPC daily budget.

Get Into the Montana Web Market Early

Amazingly, many small Montana businesses have built websites, but few are actually doing anything to drive traffic to those sites. That means you still have an opportunity to capture one of the top positions on the web when people search for your type of business. As you can imagine, these opportunities have already been snapped up in large cities across the country. And, you can bet those early birds are hanging onto those top positions. Now is your chance to do the same!

A Final Word:  Do It Right

Just as a poorly planned, underfunded television or radio campaign will likely fail, a unadvertised website is likely to end up buried on page 50 of a Google search. Notice in the illustration that all we see is the top six results for a search of “hotels in Kalispell.” Actually 98 percent click on the first two pages of Google results. And most of those on the top of page 1.

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